Cortona, known for its rich cultural heritage, hosts several events throughout the year, with the most important and significant taking place from spring to fall. These events are popular because they reflect the town’s traditions, customs, and beliefs. Some notable events include the “Sagra della Bistecca”, a steak festival featuring the largest wire rack in Italy, the “Joust of Archidado”, a historical re-enactment of medieval games and parade, and the “Mostra Antiquaria”, an antique fair.

The event calendars for 2024 will be updated as the official dates are released.

Antique market

The fourth Sunday of the month

The fourth Sunday of the month inside the city walls, in Piazza Signorelli takes place the antique market of Cortona, The markets are scheduled from 9.00 at 20.00 in Piazza Signorelli. Among the various stalls used items, collectibles and modern. The market hosts about 50 exhibitors.

Info line

tel. 0575 62984


29 Marchh 2024 

From 09.00 pm starts the Saint procession followed by his faithful and its ancient Saints. The procession will travel across all the main streets and squares of the town ending around 12.00 pm at the Cathedral (The Duomo) (Please bring candles with you). The Good Friday is the Friday before the Christian Easter. On this day Christians commemorate the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This anniversary is observed with special practices and rituals by the faithful of many Christian denominations.

The next day (on Saturday) at the Duomo (the Cathedral) of Cortona at 11:00 pm the Easter Vigil begins the night of the Resurrection with the blessing of fire, the candle, at 11.00 pm will start the traditional “Flight of the Christ” in Piazza del Duomo. The Holy Mass and the ritual as tradition will be accompanied by the Choir Zefferini ending around 01.00 am.


5 May 2024


Fiera del rame del fiore e del coccio is the traditional copper, flower and earthenware fair in Cortona with numerous exhibitors, both local and from various Italian regions, who will exhibit their goods in worked copper thanks to their creativity, industriousness and professionalism. The fair will animate the historic center of Cortona in particular Piazza Signorelli and via Casali which will turn into a welcoming garden full of flowers and ornamental plants. An excellent opportunity to stroll through the alleys and squares in a suggestive atmosphere.

03 May to 9 June 2024

Joust of Archidado

The Archidado Joust traces its origins back to the Middle Ages and was officially created in 1397 to celebrate the wedding of Francesco Casali, the Lord of Cortona, and Antonia Salimbeni, a noble woman from Siena. In the city of Cortona, this historical event is recalled every year on the second Sunday of June, when people are lead back to the ancient medieval splendor of the city. The streets are decorated in medieval style, ladies, knights, flag flyers, crossbow shooters, soldiers, pages, civil and religious authorities, all dressed with fine costumes, liven up the city center, which is rich in history and artistic beauties of every time.


Nume Academy & Festival

17 – 23 June 2024

“The festival of extraordinary talent”, this is how the NUME ACADEMY & FESTIVAL could be defined, the event which will take place in the wonderful setting of the City of Cortona.

The Tuscan city will be the protagonist of 75 days of great classical music during which prestigious names from the international world will arrive in Cortona to perform in exceptional locations, giving the public a unique experience: an extraordinary art form combined with a place of great Italian culture and tradition.

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23 June – 22 October 2023


Luca Signorelli, 500 years after his death, returns to the protagonist in his hometown.
Cortona celebrates the artist who was a “beacon for the greatest of the Renaissance”, with a refined exhibition that retraces the master’s pictorial parable, alongside thematic itineraries in the city and in the Tuscan-Umbrian localities of reference.

In October 1523 Luca “old and affected by perletico” ends his days and on the five hundredth anniversary of his death Cortona – the hometown to which Signorelli was always linked, also holding numerous public offices despite travels and repeated distances – will shed new light on the the artist, with a very precious exhibition “Signorelli 500. Maestro Luca da Cortona, painter of light and poetry” promoted by the Municipality of Cortona by the MAEC–Museum of the Etruscan Academy and by the City of Cortona under the aegis of the National Committee for the celebrations instituted by the MIC, organized by Villaggio Globale International and curated by Tom Henry, leading expert on the subject, professor emeritus at the University of Kent and former Director of the School of Classical and Renaissance Studies at the English University of Rome.

1 – 9 July 2023


During this festival are various sacred concerts in the city of Cortona with the main purpose is to announce to the city and to all those visiting the gospel of hope, fostering dialogue between the values of faith and culture traits tending to the enhancement of the extraordinary resources available.


11 July to 03 November 2024


“We Are Humans” is the theme of Cortona On The Move 2021. We are all protagonists: human beings take centerstage once again, in they daily life, relationships, affections and shared experiences and values. A tribute to the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of our human condition between intimate and public dimension.



Kilowatt Festivall

11 – 15 July 2023
19 – 23 July 2023


Founded in 2003, on the initiative of the CapoTrave theater company, the festival is directed by playwrights Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci, the latter also director.

The festival focuses on the research and innovation of scenic languages, hosting and co-producing contemporary theater, dance, music and circus performances, as well as multidisciplinary formats, favoring the mixing of the arts. From the first edition to today, more than 450 groups and more than 2,400 artists, both Italian and international, have taken part in the event, who have created more than 750 replicas of 600 different shows.

18th European Festival of Folk Music and Dance

12 August 2023

Folkloristic dances with groups from Russia, Spain, Lithuania, in addition to the organizer “Il Cilindro” Company

Start From 09:00 pm
Where: Piazza Signorelli



12 to 15 of August 2023


La Sagra della Bistecca (Steak Festival) is one of the most important gastronomic in the area, and is held every year at the gardens of the Parterre (public gardens of Cortona). In a wire rack giant 14 meters (the largest in Italy) are cooked T-bone steaks, strictly Chianina meat, cooked in blood, according to an old Tuscan tradition. In addition to side dishes, bread and fruit menu includes excellent Chianti wines Cortona or the Doc, great to accompany our meat. At the “Sagra della Bistecca” will find not only steaks but also gastronomic stands with typical Tuscan products and Cortonesi.

Opening time

from 6pm to 11pm

Telephone: +39 0575 630352


19 – 20 August 2023 

The festival of “porcini mushroom” is held in Cortona every year in August at the Parterre Gardens, where the fresh mushrooms from Trentino are protagonists of every dish, from appetizers to side dishes. All accompanied by the excellent local wine.

The festival start from 6.00pm to 11.00pm. Book tables is not possible. Usually this festival is not too busy so don’t panic, just make sure to be at least one hour in advance before the closing.


19 August to 03 September 2023


An event of great importance for the Italian antiquities market, and an extraordinary longevity which makes it one of the most prestigious events in Italy. It is, in fact, since that day in 1963 that Cortona continuously between the end of August and beginning of September, lives immersed in antiques, serving as a point of reference for many lovers of art collecting.


7 – 8 – 9 – 10 September 2023

Buskers & Food Truck Festival which is proposed as the first and only format in Italy that combines all the street excellences: Gourmet Food, Street Artists and Urban Market.

CortonArt Festival 2023 will take shape throughout the historic center of Cortona and in the Parterre Gardens, for four days, with an explosive mix of street artists, food trucks, craft beers, shows, entertainment and much more that will frame the four days pure fun:

Food truck
Beers on tap
Urban market
Attractions for children
Street artists and live music

29 September – 1 October 2023

The Chocolate Festivals

Cooking shows, tastings, chocolate lessons for adults and workshops for children and courses to learn about chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate. Come and visit us at our Chocolate Factory in the main squares of Italy!

For more than ten years we have been organizing artisanal chocolate festivals in the most beautiful squares in Italy, a consolidated formula that brings the art of master chocolatiers and the culture of artisanal chocolate to the squares with our traveling chocolate factory.