Cortona offers many places to enjoy the traditional Italian Aperitivo ritual, which consists of pre-dinner drinks and snacks. The ritual, which comes from the Latin verb “aperire” meaning “to open,” is a social and tasty experience, often accompanied by friends. Some venues may even offer a full dinner, including starters and main courses. From traditional bars to historical cafes, Cortona has many spots to enjoy this ritual.

Bottega Baracchi

Elegant aperitif at the Bottega Baracchi’s with prestigious cocktails accompanied by a buffet highly sought.

From Tuesday to Sunday
Start at 18.00 to  21.00

Address: Via Nazionale, 78

Caffe Tuscher

Vintage in style aperitif – street view open air tables  – inside upstairs – buffet – classic and premium cocktails – selected wines & spirits  – colors and mood music

From Tuesday to Sunday
aperitif noon 11,30 – 13,00
pre dinner aperitif 18,00 – 21,00
Address: Via Nazionale 43, Cortona

Caffè la Saletta

Italian Classic aperitif, wide selection of wines

From Tuesday to Sunday
Start at 18.00 to  21.00

Indirizzo: Via Nazionale 26, Cortona


Antico Caffe la Posta

Antico Caffè La Posta, since 1986. Over a century has gone by and many have been the celebrities that has sat at our tbles such as François Mitterand, Alexander Dubeck and Queen Elisabeth “The Queen Mum”. It’s our turn now! Come to join ours aperitif!

From Tuesday to Sunday
Start at 18.00 to  21.00

Address: Piazza Signorelli 32, Cortona