Cortona F.A.Q

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What is the best season to visit Cortona?

Warm temperatures start from April to October where sometimes it rains, August has the hottest temperatires where they can rises up to 35 ° C.  From September to October temperatures are colling down between 20 – 26 ° C. From November to February the temperature  are going down to +5/-5 ° C when sometime is windy. The shoulder season is from March to April  where the heat is increasing.

Weather / rainfall

In the high season (May to October) climate is low/medium/High humid 50% 60% 80% , the average temperature is  27 °and there is very little temperature difference between day and night.  Unfortunately in recent years because of climate change in month July is going more and more towards a type of tropical climate where the rainfall is increasingly common, is often pushes until the middle of August.

Do you have a free parking in Town?

Cortona has three free main public parking one come with escalators that lead directly into the center (Piazza Carbonaia). In the summer parking are often busy especially from 11,30 am to 1.30 pm. Driving in in the old town is not allowed because the ZTL (restriction of traffic)

How far is it the railway station from Cortona?

Cortona has no train station because the hill, all trains stop at the railway station of Camucia town just below Cortona 6 km. Public services are available.

Where I can find free wifi spot in Cortona ?

Most of the restaurants, bar or shops have  wifi, ask for it and for the password to access.

Is an area of hurricanes or storms?

Italy in general have no hurricanes.

What documents / visas are required for tourists?

All non EU citizens need a valid passport at least 6 months before expire. Some country may require special visa.

Do I need any vaccination? No

There are infectious diseases? No

There are mosquitoes?

Mosquito season is from June to the end of August,  hopefully not in Cortona hill ( 500 meter high) where it not a suitable environment. They are mainly present in the country side area they are intensified across the Trasimeno lake which  is a natal reserve park.

What is the fastest and the cheapest  flight to Cortona?

All low cost flights are landing to the Airport of Perugia (only 45 minutes from Cortona), only form and to European origin.

How long is the flight from New York to Rome, and then a taxi to Cortona?

About 9/10 hours with direct flights

How long does it take a taxi ride from Rome airport to Cortona? and how much it a fear price?

The ride is about 2 and half or three hours it depends on traffic, the average price is 250€/300€

What the time zone is Cortona?

Cortona is six hours ahead of the meridian of New York, one hour ahead of the Meridian Greenwich (London)

Where is a good place for children in Cortona? The Park of Parterre

What languages Italians from Cortona speak?

Average Cortonese citizen know some basic English, Spanish and French

What is the currency ? Euro

What clothing is recommended?

Italians as we knows are obsess with style and fashion, but Cortona is pretty casual style and easy.

My driving license is valid in Italy?

Americans citizen are willing to drive in Italy should obtain the International Driving Permit before leaving the U.S.

There are taxi? Are they work at late night?

Yes there are taxi service available mainly on daytime

Should I take a taxi or rent a car?

Taxi are quite expensive, we suggest you to go for a rent.

Can I bring my medication? Yes

There are supplied pharmacies? Yes

Where I can find a doctor if I have an emergency?

There are several local doctor available 24/24 in case of emergency

What kind of food I fund in Cortona?

Mainly Tuscan local food

Is in Italy mandatory to tip?

Is not mandatory but is well appreciated if you are a foreign

There are security issues?

According to the latest statistics Cortona remains a very safe center for all age ranges and suitable location for family.

Where is the Grocery in Cortona??

Cortona has two grocery store enough equipped. Fruits and meat is sold in a separate shops at Fruttivendolo e Macellaio

What is the voltage in Italy?

The voltage is 220 volt, citizen from US and UK need a plug-in adapter to plug in devices.

Can I practice sports?

Yes, Cortona area offers several type of sports facilities, gyms, tennis clubs, golf clubs, swimming pools, bike.

Is the prostitution legal?

Prostitution is illegal in public business, but is legal in private apartments.

It is legal drinking alcohol under 21?

In Italy, like in all or Eu community the the minimum age for drinking is 18 years old.

It is legal gambling?

Some games are legalized in Casino shop area business only.

There are pickpockets?

No, but always keep an eye on your bag.

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