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The original car body come with a very elegant two-tone blue and black, red velvet interior. The car is available for most beautiful day of your life.


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The historic Balilla’s Car is located in the old town of Cortona, a city that has remained unscathed by the two world wars and is preserved intact the medieval and renaissance style, so this makes this car even more suitable in the charming characteristics streets Cortona for your weddings ceremony.

AVAILABLE FOR RENT : Weddings or special events
The service include the chauffeur with 1900’s dress code.

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email: dreamer89@live.it

Tel. +39 340 5744 763


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The history of this vintage car dates back to 1932, when the Fiat advertised this new creation as Fiat 508, the car was sold for the first time with an affordable price compared with the previous productions, with the target to satisfied families market.The same Benito Mussolini was invited to try out the Fiat 508 just right after was re named Balilla. It became the car of the Folks, the symbol of progress and revenge of the Italian industry. Between 1932 and 1934 Balilla’s was produced the with 3 gears then from 1934 was added the fourth gear. The Balilla with 3 gears is now considered the most rarest and beautiful because it represents because it represents a unique novelty in the Italian car history.