How to reach Villa Bramasole

Many tourists come to Cortona also to see Bramasole, the ville where it all began.

Let’s get one thing straight, there are two Villas Bramasole in Cortona: The Villa where the story has been set and where the writer live part of the year, and the second villa is where the movie was filmed (this villa has now became a real estate).

On this page we will give you directions to reach the original villa by walk starting from Cortona old town.

We invite all visitors to keep the noise down in the vicinity of Bramasole, please do not pending longer than 5/6 minutes. You might want to bring some water and wear comfortable shoes.

Let’s start our walk 

From Piazza della Repubblica: walk ahead thought Via Nazionale toward to Piazza Garibaldi, stop here to admire at your right the panorama of the Valdichiana valley.

Keep walking toward the Park of Parterre (from here start dirt road alley), pass the fountain (this is not the fountain set on the movie,  which was artificially created in piazza Signorelli).

Keep walk till the end of the boulevard (about 20 minutes) until you see the Tennis Club, bypass it until the road is now paved again … keep walk for more 20 minutes about…

At some point you’ll find a shadow elbow curve with some threes, villa Bramasole will begin to shape in front of you. 

A view of Bramasole Villa

Map to go

Returning from Bramasole 

This path is about 40 minutes walk

From Bramasole walk ahead for about 15 minutes until the dirt road end. You’ll meet the Torreone (locality), you’ll notice a bar at your left side, this is the perfect place to get some refreshment, food and cooling down or warm up. ( we suggest to test some Prosciutto Crudo with melon a typical Tuscan entree).

With your the battery recharged we are ready to walk toward to the Poggio of Cortona (high hill side of the town). 
Walk around the bar at the junction take the right path … walk for more 15/20 minutes … enjoy the fantastic panorama of the valley at your right side … this should look about this picture …

If you walk this path around the sunset time, is one of the “best momento” to experiencing in Cortona’s landscapes.  Admire from here the Dome of the church of Santa Maria nuova

The road lead you to one of the five city gate “Porta Montanina”  the access to the Poggio of Cortona. Walk through the narrow streets explore, relax and enjoy the silence … live some authentic Tuscan atmosphere.

Returning to the starting point. From here feel free to walk down to any directions, no worry they all will lead you to any of the the main’s squares (Piazza Signorelli, piazza Repubblica, piazza Carbonaia)


Image from the movie’s villa.