Most important museum and attractions in Town

ortona, Tuscany is home to a variety of museums showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. The Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca MAEC, is considered one of the most important museums in town, it houses a vast collection of Etruscan artifacts and artworks. The Museo Diocesano, is another must-see museum which showcases artworks from the Renaissance period by famous artists such as Luca Signorelli and Fra Angelico. The Museo next to the Duomo, houses an impressive collection of religious art and artifacts and offer a glimpse into the history and art of Cortona and Tuscany.


Established in 2005, the Museum represents a fusion of diverse historical collections dating back to the eighteenth century, curated by the Accademia Etrusca. Its exhibits include notable artifacts such as the Etruscan chandelier, an extensive Egyptian section, the revered ancient Library, and a dedicated segment honoring the renowned artist Gino Severini.

The Museum also proudly showcases recent archaeological discoveries that vividly narrate the rich history of Cortona. Noteworthy among these are the Tabula Cortonensis and the exquisite grave-goods unearthed from the tombs of Circles at Sodo.

Infor: 0575 630415
Address: Piazza Signorelli, 9

museo diocesano cortona


Collects various objects and works of art from local churches belonging to Diocesano. The art collection was founded in 1945 and has important works by Pietro Lorenzetti, Beato Angelico, Bartolomeo della Gatta, Sassetta and Luca Signorelli, as well as sacred furnishings of great value. The exhibition starts from the ancient object well present, the Roman sarcophagus with the Fighting between Dionysus and the Amazons, dating to the second century A.D. and found myself caught in the Cathedral.

Info: +39 0577-286300
Address: Piazza del duomo, 1 Cortona


le celle cortona


Nestled among the natural caves of Mount Sant’Egidio  in an isolated spot in the woods, near a stream the convent of Celle is a sacred building located 10 minutes from Cortona.  The Hermitage is the first monastery built by St. Francis of Assisi (1211), and was inhabited by him even after receiving the stigmata where he returned in the 1226 before he died. The complex convent was deeply renovated in 1969

Info: 0575 601017
Address: Case Sparse, 73, 52044 Torreone, Cortona AR

the fortress cortona


Opening hours

1 – 31 March (Sat -Sun)
from 10:00 to 18:00
April 1st to June 16th
from 10:00 to 19:00
17 June – 3 September
from 10:00 to 20:00
September 4th October 1st
2at 10:00 to 19:00
October 1st November 1st
from 10:00 to 18:00
2 November 1 February (Sat – Sun)
from 10:00 to 17:00

Telephone: +39 0575 637235
Address: Piazza di Santa Margherita da Cortona


€ 5,00 – Adults
€ 3,00 – Children

Telephone: +39 0575 16 455 07
Address: Via di Fortezza – Cortona

museo san marco


Opening hours

Currently the museum is open only by appointment. The cost of the visit will be yours offers that will go to charity.

Please call at least one day in advance for bookings.

For reservations or info:

Tel. +39 340 574 4763
Address: Via Santa Margherita, 37

The museum does not come with number address but is located about 10 meters from the number 39 of VIa santa margherita (this is the closest reference).


musei ai borghi cortona


The Borghi Museum is a unique complex in Central Italy and offers the chance to make an emotional dip in the rural history of Val di Chiana. Through accurate scenography, original music and an amazing collection of objects, furniture, gears and tractors, recreational natural environments have been recreated to create an emotional and engaging relationship between the visitor and the story.

Address: Località Centoia, next to Istituto A. Vegni – Capezzine – Cortona

Tel. +39 335 6078922
Tel. +39 333 9441508