Cortona offers several bars where youngs spend part of the weekends riches of events during the summer season. Our night journey starts from the historic center of Cortona to the near Umbrian land.

THE GLOBE is a lounge bar frequented by local and foreign students from international university program. The Globe offers live music, Dj Set on weekends.

A few steps from here we find the wine shop

IL CACIO BRILLO a wine shop where you can taste excellent local wines accompanied by small samples of local products. On weekends the club often offers DJ sets.


In the picturesque main square of Cortona, we find the one with the tower with the clock

IL SOTTO VOCE (piazza Repubblica 6/7) an elegant Bistrot Bar. which offers an aperitif full of fine cocktails, an excellent choice of spirits. The evenings are often accompanied by live music in the summer season.

On the next door there is IL SOLCO, the new “Pop-Bar and music-shop”  where you can taste artistic cocktails flavours and listen live vinyl Dj Set, here is possible to buy limited edition Vinily imported from overseas.

We now move to the opposite square (Piazza Garibaldi) crossing all via Nazionale (the course of Cortona nicknamed rugapiana) and we find the

BOTTEGA BARACCHI, (via Nazionale 78) (Piazza Repubblica 6/7) an elegant Bistrot Bar. which offers an aperitif full of fine cocktails, an excellent choice of spirits. The evenings are often accompanied by live music in the summer season.

in front we find the popular and renowned

ENOTECA ENOTRIA (via Nazionale 81) qui la famiglia Monacchini serve da generazioni vini locali ed assaggi di formaggi con focaccia.  All’enoteca sono quasi sempre graditi musicisti di strada per una strimpellata in compagnia. Dimenticavo! dovete provare questa sublime focaccia!where the Monacchini family have served from generations. A test of local wines and Focaccia bread with cheese and prosciutto. Here you are welcome to bring your instruments and improvise some music.

Before going down the hill of Cortona, let’s go up to the highest peak where we reach the

FORTEZZA DEL GIRIFALCO  an ancient Medici stronghold (650 meters from sea level) which enjoys a splendid panorama over the Valdichiana. Various cultural events are held here during the summer season including aperitifs on the weekend. Do not miss the special events dedicated to disco music with rather important guests.

Night Life off Cortona


It is the town located at the foot of Cortona and offers an excellent alternative to Cortona’s nightlife. Let’s start from via Lauretana where we find the


is one of the most busier bar in the town of Camucia, rich aperitif time during the weekend wise choice of beverages. Here you can hear also live DJ music sets generally deep house and minimal vibes.

In the same road Via Lauretana at the very corner there is another busy bar called

l’ANGOLO CAFE this is another well known busy bar always crowded of young peoples. The bar is famous for the fine cocktails and the variety of fresh food. Don’t miss the music DJ sets one the weekends with the best deejay’s from the Valdichiana!

We move a few kilometers from Camucia in the countryside, precisely in San Lorenzo di Cortona where we find

il TUKUL CAFÈ lounge bar well known to lovers of nightlife and late hours. The venue offers varied events with guests of the caliber of Ricky L, Sauro Cosimetti and Amplifunk, famous in the minimal and classic house music scene.


Let’s move now to the Umbria land around the Lake Trasimeno (only 20 minutes from Cortona) Where in Passignano town there is a disco beach called

SualzoBeach, open all Saturday (summer time) the label party night is “MADE IN ITALY” accompanied with the sound of the commercial dance and Italian music. No entrance feed.

If you are looking after a mature audience in a vintage atmosphere open from Wednesdays to Sundays where every first Friday of the month everyone is unleashed to celebrate the singles party then go to the

CIAO CIAO club, located by the shore of the Lake Trasimeno. The club organize themed party enriched with crew animations under the direction of the resident DJ producer Marcocram.

The next town is Castiglione del Lago which is on the opposite side of the lake. Castiglione is a bustling town full of interesting and curious places.

PESCATORE CAFE, located across the beach lake where you can enjoy the louder dance disco music and eat some barbecue street food. If you are a lovers of good analogic vibes in terms of live music get to the


DARSENA where several live music bands perform every weekend, the cool bar also host a pizzeria and fresh panini and piadine. We are closing our tour with

PEPE ROSA a very popular and crowded disco bar who offer live DJ’s set each weekends, the admission is free and it run until 3 am.