Valeria Lorenzini
Guida Turistica & Tour Leader

Every place tells us something about different historical seasons, starting with the Etruscans and the Romans, to continue with the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period and conclude with the Barocco.
My name is Valeria Lorenzini and I’m a licensed tour guide. I was born in Cortona, the town where I grew up and and live. Together with my passion and unconditional love for this Land that I was able to realize my dream of a life of becoming a tours guide.



CORTONA - Classic tour of the historical center

Classic tour of Cortona

All tours are very flexible and can be adapted to meet individual needs and their respective interests.¬†For example, the tour could start from the fortress and / or, the nearby pretty square of “Poggio”¬†and progress down towards the centre.
The guided tour will familiarize you with the history, customs, traditions, anecdotes and other interesting facts about the ancient hilltop town of Cortona.

We will discover the squares of the town with their many majestic buildings and churches.¬†We will walk through some of the side streets getting to see some¬†medieval buildings¬†along the way.¬† These buildings¬†can be described as¬†the “jewels of Cortona” and form part of the various stages of the historical-centre tour in a half a¬†day.

Piazza della Repubblica with the Palazzo del Comune and Palazzo Passerini flanked by others important buildings.

Piazza Signorelli with the impressive Palazzo Casali and Teatro Signorelli

РThe cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, with its rich works of arts and which was built on the ancient site of the original parish church dating from the XIth. century.

Vicolo Ianelli

РThe church of San Francesco which houses many important works of arts and relics including a part of the true Holy Cross.

Via Nazionale, the main street otherwise known as: “Ruga Piana

РIn Piazza Garibaldi you will be impressed by the panorama view overlooking the valley of Valdichiana.

Before ending the tour we will take a short walk to the town’s main park and fountain.¬†Here you will get to see some ancient monasteries and their bell towers.


VAL D'ORCIA - guided tour

With¬†its Eturscan origins,¬†Montepulciano is situated on a green hill between Valdichiana and Val d’Orcia.¬† Fortunately, many of its¬† important buildings from the Medieval and Renaissance periods are well preserved inside the¬†ancient walls of this pretty¬†Tuscan¬†hilltop town.

The town’s main square is called Piazza Grande¬† and is¬†situated at the very top of the hill.¬†There are many interesting and elegant palaces like the Palazzo del Comune and Palazzo Contucci. At the latter¬† you could have the opportunity to visit a wine cellar inside this historical building.

Montepulciano is famous for its Vino Nobile and is regarded as being one of the best Tuscany wines. The guided tour will help you to learn more about the history and customs of this town and its famous wine traditions. Also, there is the possibility to have wine tasting in some of the local wine cellars.

Another town to visit nearby is Pienza.¬†This town is protected under UNESCO ever since 1996.¬†It is an enchanting little town that overlook the Val d’Orcia.

Pope Pio II who was from the area wanted Pienza to be the perfect Renaissance town. Again, there are many charming squares and side lanes all¬† which open onto stunning views of Val d’Orcia.

Please contact me for more details regarding the tours or if you need to adapt a tour to your own particular needs.


VAL TIBERINA - guided tour

There are many goods reasons to have a guided tour in the upper Tiberina valley. This extraordinary territory of the province of Arezzo is rich in history, art, landscape, traditions and has its own unique gastronomy. Here fresh (wild) mushrooms, truffles, chestnuts and the local wines forms the bases of many of the popular dishes from this region. You can retrace the footsteps of San Francesco and of the Camaldolesi monks among the local hermitage, churches and monasteries. This religious way of life has had a major influence on the culture and art of the area.

The town of Sansepolcro dominates the Vale Tiberina on the border with Umbria.This was the birth place of the famous Renaissance painter, Piero della Francesca.¬†The historical¬†centre is surrounded by the towns ancients walls and contains many interesting buildings. For example, the medieval tower-houses which were often used as the backdrop to many of Piero della Francesca’s paintings.

Just across from the town of Sansepolcro we find Anghiari.  This spectacular Tuscan hilltop town which overlooks the Val Tiberina contains well preserved piazzette, alleyways, churches inside its ancient walls.

A little further south, we find the small and pretty village of Monterchi.  This village boats having the famous fresco of Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca.This fresco originally stood in the nearby the church of Citerna. It was successfully transferred to a purpose built museum for protection and preservation reasons.

Please contact me for more details regarding the tours and / or, if you like to adapt a tour to your own particular needs.

Valeria Lorenzini
Tourist Guide & Tour Leader

GIRIFALCOS'S FORTRESS - Walking Tour & Tasting

Walking Tour & Tasting inside the Girifalco’s Fortress. Full day ( 6 hours)

To know Cortona in a suggestive and amusing way, not only Art, History, but also Nature. We will dwell in the two main squares. Along the way, parts of ancient Etruscan walls and glimpses of bell towers that rise up against the modern mosaics of Gino Severini, will be indicated.

The tree-lime avenue of the Parter’s Park,¬† will open the way to the lush green between trees of Iposcastano and Tuscan Cypress to reach the Fortress, where we will relax in the Bistrot with tasting of local products.

After the break, we will begin the descent¬† the Cortona hill, crossing other picturesque places like the “Poggio” to return to Piazza della Repubblica.


AREZZO - Classic tour of the town

Classic tour of Arezzo town

Located in the centre where four wonderful valleys meet, Arezzo well surprise you. This guided tour affords you an insight into the local history and traditions.  You will get to visit the many charming squares and side streets. In particularly, the Piazza Grande with its combination of civic and religious buildings that never fails to impress.

In the city you will also find many important works of art by famous artists such as; Piero della Francesca. People come from all over the world just to see the frescos by San Francesco that line the walls of the church. For example, The Legend Of The True Cross. Elsewhere, in the cathedral you will see the wonderful Renaissance stained glass windows by Guillame de Marcillat. This church is quite unique in that it retains its original Gothic style.

Next we can visit the city’s fortress which is the oldest part of the city of Arezzo.¬†The various walls of the fortress offers breathtaking views of the local countryside.¬†Following the visit to the fortress we can take a walking tour through the old and pleasant streets of Arezzo.
This particular tour of the city usually takes up to a half a day.

Stages of the half-day tour of Arezzo.

– The cathedral which is name and dedicated to the city’s patron saint, San Donato.
– Piazza Grande which is the principle square, is particularly famous for its many styles of architecture from down through the centuries. Here you will also find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, winery etc., where you will discover many of the typical products from the surrounding area.

– Pieve di Santa Maria which is renowned for its main doorway where you will see the cycle of the twelve months as represented by various images that are literally carved out of stone. Then we can take a walking through the old streets of the city where I will give you a better understanding of the history of the old quarters of the city.
– Church of San Francesco with frescoes by Piero della Francesca

Please, contact me for more details regarding this tour or if you need to adapt a tour to your own particular needs.

Valeria Lorenzini
Tourist Guide & Tour Leader


Discovering the 19th Century Signorelli’s Theater

Official guide of the Signorelli Theater and the Arditi Academy

I will guide you on a fascinating journey back in time to the 19th century when a group of noble and bourgeois from Cortona decided to build and equip a place for shows and comedies which created the academy.

The Accademia Degli Arditi has the motto ‚ÄúNothing will stop it.‚ÄĚ There was a great determination to contribute another wonderful building to¬† ‚ÄúThe Italian style theater‚ÄĚ with the main goal of ‚ÄúEducating and delighting.‚ÄĚ

Signorelli’s Theater was and is a place where the community would come for major events, to watch great actors and musicians perform on stage.

Together I will show you the history, carpentry, theatrical architecture and restoration work in Signorelli’s Theater. Come and allow your curiosity to discover this beautiful place of culture, dreams, magic, and entertainment of the city of Cortona.

Visitations are by Reservations only. 




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In addition to the local Tours of Cortona there are many extra itinerary sites in the four valleys of the province of Arezzo:
The Chiana ‚Äď valley and the beautiful towns Arezzo and Cortono; the charming hamlet Lucignano and the castle of Marciano.

The Tiber-valley with its beautiful hamlet Borgo di Anghiari surrounded  by huge medieval walls. Nearby Monterchi with the proud Madonna of Pregnancy painted by Piero della Francesca. Sansepolcro, birthplace of this important painter and a lively town full of art and history. The museum which hosts some of the most important paintings from Piero is worth a visit.
The Casentino mountains with their huge forests are worth a visit.
But there are also sites of saints and mystics like La Verna on the Penna mountain, the Camaldoli monastery and hermitage, the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso in nearby Bibbiena.
There are also some interesting museums dedicated to the environment and the inhabitants of the Casentino area, especially reccommended for families and school children.
But the Casentino area makes you also visit picturesque hamlets like the Poppi castle with its breathtaking view.
And one should not miss the romantic Romena castle and its beautiful church, both owned by the counts Guidi.
Pratovecchio and Stia offer interesting sites as well.

The Arno ‚Äď valley offers itineraries with beautiful hamlets and churches. Start with Ponte Buriano to travel along the Sette Ponti road, once a pilgrims‚Äô trail.
I‚Äôm collaborating with our local taxi services and our itineraries include also beautiful Orcia ‚Äď valley, Pienza and Montepulciano.
Wine tasting tours or cooking classes can be arranged. Come to Netta’s kitchen to try typically Tuscan cooking at its best. Her cooking classes take place in an old palace which is a unique experience followed by lunch or dinner.

For a revival of medieval tradition, I organze Medieval Itinerary with banquets and birthday parties  with typical dishes  and costumes from the Middle Ages.