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Cortona, a charming Tuscan city known for its rich history and beautiful architecture, ranks third in Italy for the number of foreign weddings held there annually. About 200 civil ceremonies are celebrated at the City Hall each year. To assist with these events, the city offers a range of specialized wedding services, including catering, sound and music, lighting, live bands, photographers, and car rentals.


Who should submit the application?

The request for marriage with a civil or religious rite must be made by the spouses, or by a person who has received the assignment.

Where should the application be submitted?

At the Civil Status Office for the booking of PUBLICATIONS at least 3 months in advance of the chosen date for the wedding. An appointment is agreed with the future spouses for the signing of the publication and in the meantime the office provides the verifications and the production of the necessary documents.

If the spouses intend to contract religious marriage, valid for civil effects, they must hand over to the Civil State officer the request of the parish priest or minister of worship;
if a spouse or both are foreigners, they must present the Nulla Osta issued by the Consular office or Embassy of their country in Italy and the Consul’s signature must be legalized in the Prefecture (only for non-EU countries);
if the spouses are not 18 years old, an authorization decree of the Court must be presented.

Where will the publications be displayed?

The publications will be exhibited at the special space located in the Town Hall for eight consecutive days.
If one of the spouses is resident in another Municipality, the Civil Status Officer will request a similar exposure to the other Municipality. At the end of the posting, and for a further three days provided for any appeals by third parties in court, the authorization for the ceremony is issued.

How long should the marriage be celebrated from the actual publication?

The marriage must be celebrated within 180 days after publication and the celebration can take place in any Italian municipality.

How long does the practice take?

The launch of the file takes an average of 30 minutes

The procedure for checking and preparing the documentation requires an average time of 30 days.

How much will cost?

€ 16 for a stamp duty, if the future spouses are both residents of Cortona.
29.24 for two revenue stamps if one of the future spouses is not a resident of Cortona.

What kind of forms do I need to apply for?

Forms: Requesting a civil marriage


Where I need to book?

Civil marriage is booked at the time of publication.

Where are civil marriages celebrated?

Civil weddings are celebrated by the Registrar of State (Mayor or his delegate) every weekday and during the normal opening hours of the Municipal Offices, except for exceptions that the Municipal Administration reserves the right to evaluate from time to time defining the consequent modalities.

On what basis will the proposal be established?

The date of celebration of the marriage will be established, on the proposal of the spouses. In the event of coincidence of several marriages, the registrar will take into account the chronological order of arrival of the requests.

The bride and groom will be able to choose the floral decorations in the room by turning to trusted florists who will arrange the setting up in the thirty minutes prior to the ceremony and the removal of the decoration immediately afterwards.

Can the guests throw rice?

It will be forbidden to throw rice at the spouses inside the Town Hall, also for security reasons, where this custom occurs along the access stairs. The Council room will be used for the celebration of civil marriages.


If two residents want to get married civilly in another Italian Municipality they will do the publications in Cortona and the Civil Status Office will, at the end of the same, delegate them to celebrate the marriage to the Mayor of the chosen Municipality.

If they intend to marry abroad with a civil ceremony, there is no obligation to publish and each state will request the necessary documents according to their legislation.


If the marriage is celebrated in Italy, the foreign citizen is required to present a document certifying that the marriage is cleared by the competent authority of the country of origin in Italy (Consulate). In particular:

Austrian, Swiss, Spanish and German citizens must produce the certificate of marriage ability issued by the Civil Status Officer of their foreign municipality;
US citizens must produce the sworn declaration made at the US consulate in Italy and the deed of notoriety made at the Italian embassy or consulate abroad.
All other foreign citizens must produce a declaration issued by the competent authority of their own country (Embassy or Consulate in Italy) which shows that the marriage is exempted pursuant to Article 116 of the Civil Code.

RATES for the celebration of civil marriages and the conclusion of the separation agreement

The City Council with resolution no. 16/2015 established the following new tariffs for the celebration of civil marriages starting from 02/19/2015:

€ 800.00 if both women are not resident in the Municipality of Cortona
€ 300.00 if at least one parent of the couples is resident in the Municipality of Cortona
No tariffs if the women are residents
€ 100.00 if the bride and groom are not resident and the celebration takes place in the Demographic Services office
€ 200.00 if requested also streaming by non-resident citizens, in case of celebration in the council chamber
The previous tariffs pursuant to the Municipal Council Resolution n. 204/2004, as integrated by resolution no. 35/2005, for marriages booked from the date of approval of this resolution as listed in the records
Furthermore, the Municipal Council determines, also starting from 19/02/2015, the amount of the fixed right to be required at the time of the conclusion of the personal separation agreement, or the dissolution or termination of the civil effects of the marriage, as well as of modification of the conditions of separation or divorce, received by the civil registry officer of the Municipality, in the amount of € 16.00

The collection of these tariffs is provided by:

Postal current account bulletin No. 13469523 in the name of the City of Cortona Treasury with delivery of proof of payment to the assigned staff;

Bank transfer made to the following IBAN ID IT 37J0848925401000000369796 in the name of the Treasury of the Municipality of CORTONA BANCA VALDICHIANA CREDITO COOPERATIVO TOSCO-UMBRO FIL. Of Cortona Via Guelfa 25- BIC SWIFT ICRAITRRDL0 with delivery receipt of executed bank transfer made for the payment of fees and rate;

cash at the Treasury of the Municipality of Cortona BANCA VALDICHINA TOSCO-UMBRO FIL COOPERATIVE CREDIT. Of Cortona Via Guelfa 25 with delivery of the payment of the payment to the assigned personnel.

Updated: March 13, 2015


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